Is HHC safe?

Is HHC safe?

With all products that suddenly gain popularity, questions about legitimacy and/or safety often arise, and no exception is made for HHC. In fact, it's the smart thing to do; always question the safety of a consumable product. In this article, we're going to shine some light on this subject and hopefully take away the concerns you may have. 


What is HHC?

If you're into HHC, you've probably heard of CBD and THC. Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is another type of cannabinoid that is found naturally in hemp.

HHC is found in extremely low concentrations, making it challenging to isolate and incorporate into commercial goods. As a result, there is a shortage of the extracted material. Hemp companies produce HHC by converting it from CBD, a more prevalent cannabinoid found in hemp.

HHC and THC are related compounds. They're related, and the effects of HHC are frequently compared to those of THC. It has a reputation for providing mild relaxation with no mental fogging.



Complex natural and scientific methods are needed for the manufacture of HHC. Here are some essential considerations:

First, CBD must be extracted from high-quality hemp plants prior to the production of HHC.

It takes specialized equipment, such as supercritical extractors and distillation equipment, to convert the CBD into pure and clean HHC. The HHC is then used to infuse consumable products such as gummies.


So… is it safe?

HHC products from a reputable company that can provide product insights through laboratory tests can be trusted when it comes to the safety of the product. Consumption of HHC is safe when the compound is crafted carefully through a safe process by trained experts using high-quality grown hemp and the proper equipment.

However, creating HHC can be risky in the wrong environment. Therefore, it is crucial to only buy HHC from trusted manufacturers who adhere to strict safety standards. Nowadays, with the popularity of HHC, many smaller companies desire to partake in this growing industry. They use improper equipment with too little scientific knowledge. Thus, it’s advised to always double-check your supplier. We, the company Cannalicious, solely work with reputable manufacturers that have been in the hemp industry for many years and regularly test their products on safety.  



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