About us

The company 

Cannalicous is an ambitious start-up with a focus on hemp-derived products. Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we are often confronted with how this place is perceived from the outside – if people aren’t coming for the tulips, they’re coming for another kind of (more potent) flower; weed.

Despite the flower’s popularity, very few are actually familiar with the vague legislation and the gray-area aspects affiliated with this ‘high’-demand product. In Holland, cannabinoid products serve both leisure & medicinal purposes, and although these products are consumed by many, very few are able to sell them (at specific & registered locations) due to the current legislation.

As a result, cannabinoid-infused products are not as easily accessible as they should be. This is where we wanted to make a change. This is where Cannalicious was born. We aim to create quality cannabinoid-infused products with effects similar to those of (Delta9-)THC, making them easily accessible, at a fair price, and conveniently delivered to your doorstep.



Our mission is simple. Supply the demand for quality hemp-derived (THC-like) products in a considered to be dark industry in the most legitimate and safe way, along with the best customer care. 



While currently being a one-product store, we intend to expand our range of high-quality products and making these easily accessible to help as many people as possible find their well-deserved relaxation and relief from the stresses of everyday life.