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HHC vs. THC; Does one come out as the absolute winner? Not really… One isn’t better than the other. One may prefer THC over HHC and vice versa. It’s really just a matter of preference with a bit of accessibility. Whereas THC is illegal in most countries, HHC is widely available and accessible through online shopping and physical stores. As a result, HHC is often cheaper than THC. The effects of HHC are very similar to THC; they’re both psychoactive. Is one more powerful than the other you may ask? This is where it gets interesting! Although many claim THC is more potent, quite some experience more intense and longer-lasting effects from HHC. Are you new to HHC? Well, don’t be shy - give it a shot!.

Ours don’t, that’s for sure! After going through this Q&A, feel free to head over to our product page where our downloadable Certificate of Analysis confirms this. In order to make our products available to as many cannabinoid lovers as possible, we’ve been putting in effort to ensure a 100% THC-free product from the very start. With legislation and regulations, we obviously also wanted to make sure to never violate any laws and have ourselves or our beloved customers suffer the consequences. We strictly provide only what we are allowed to. These are, of course, cannabinoids with similar effects. In other words… HHC!

In most EU countries, the sale and consumption of this popular cannabinoid product is permitted. Meaning, it’s not illegal to sell and/or consume it. Can anyone just sell it? That’s the idea, yes! However, should you just buy it from a random sketchy-looking vendor? Yeah, probably not. Always try to verify the company that’s selling it by asking yourself some questions. How is their website? How does their product look? Does it seem professional or does it seem like someone has been cooking up in his basement? Moreover, and this one is important, does it really contain (safe) HHC and no other illegal compounds? How would you know? Tip: try to look for a CoA. That stands for Certificate of Analysis. This - usually a PDF file shared by the seller - shows exactly what active compound(s) are present in that product. If it’s all legit, the CoA shows the exact amount of HHC and whether the appearance of potentially other cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, or CBN, is detected. At Cannalicious, we’ve made our CoA easily available for you on our product page. This is to make you and our other customers feel certain about the quality of the product they enjoy consuming. Go ahead, check it out!

Is it possible you’re getting drug tested anytime soon but is the temptation to enjoy some delicious HHC gummies tough to fight? In that case, asking yourself this question makes a lot of sense (and probably is a smart thing to do). This is a tricky one! No one at Team Cannalicious has risked it, nor have we had anyone try it in order to get the answer to this burning question. What we can say is that we advise you to not take the risk. Interestingly enough though, it does turn out - purely based on what people share online - that some succeed in passing a drug test for THC. At the same time, however, some have also mentioned the other possible outcome. Although we advise against it, the choice is yours. If you do test it however… Please do let us know your outcome!

Yes! Although research on HHC is fairly limited due to how relatively new HHC still is, the research that has been done shows no indicators of unsafe consumption whatsoever. However, be careful when selecting a HHC producing company. Not all companies produce the same quality product(s). What you really want is HHC that’s carefully produced through an extract of naturally grown hemp. At Cannalicious, we were (and still are if needed) very cautious when selecting our HHC supplier. We rather pay double the price and have a guarantee of a safe and high-quality product than infuse our gummies with the cheapest stuff on the market with the ignorant thought of ‘HHC is HHC’.

The consumption of psychoactive cannabinoids is nothing new. But how do people like to consume it? The two most obvious options are smoking/evaporating or eating. Funny enough, the effects can be experienced differently based on the method you pick. First of all, let’s discuss the onset time. Meaning, the time it takes for the effects to kick in. Through eating, most consumers would agree that the onset is much longer compared to that of smoking. This all has to do with the way your body breaks down the active compounds in order to get them to your brain via your blood. Interested in how that works? Google it! Anyhow, the difference in effects is what’s interesting as well. Through eating, most consumers would also agree that the effects can be experienced for a longer-lasting time with stronger effects.

Sure you can. Combining cannabinoids is interesting as it can alter the final effects compared to when consumed individually. Combining a psychoactive compound such as HHC with one that’s more therapeutic like CBD, the effects can be experienced as more relaxing. Feel free to mess around with it. At Cannalicious we also offer H4CBD infused gummies. That’s practically CBD but slightly enhanced.